Kaizen Horse Training and Lessons

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Policies and Forms

Kaizen Horse Training and Lesson Policy

As professional horsemen our top priority is the safety and progress of riders and horses. Our policies are in place to assure safety, focus, progress, discipline, and an enjoyable experience at Kaizen.

General Policies

Dress Code:

    • All students must wear long pants (no capris, no yoga pants).
    • Shirts in the summer should be properly fitted and capable of being tucked in. No spaghetti straps tank tops or revealing clothing, this includes friends and family.
    • Only shoes that enclose the foot are permitted inside the barn or arena. Leather boots with a heel are required for riders by the 4th lesson.
    • Tack, clothing, and boots should be clean upon arrival.
    • Long hair should be pulled back and neat.
    • No dangling jewelry or gum chewing.
    • Helmets must be worn by minors any time they are riding a horse. They are available to borrow from the barn, however, we encourage riders to purchase their own.

General barn rules:

    • Staff only allowed in the pasture.
    • Riders are expected to assist with keeping the stables clean, organized and safe by always picking up after themselves and their horses.
    • Riders are expected to exhibit general good manners, be polite, courteous and helpful to everyone. We will not tolerate gossip, drama or other ill behavior.
    • Do not use equipment without asking. If you borrow equipment, please return it when you’re done using it.
    • Absolutely no yelling, running, or boisterous behavior in or around the barn.
    • Gates and Doors must always be closed behind you.


    • Riders must speak up during their lessons and communicate with their instructor.
    • If you put your horse in their stall, and there is hay or grain in the stall, please clip the horse to its wall tie.
    • School horses are to be mounted from the mounting block.
    • Horses may have treats AFTER your lesson.

Parents and adult students:
    • Please do not park in front of gates or doors.
    • Non-lesson children must be supervised by parents at all times.
    • Do not climb fences or let children climb fences.
    • Please remain seated while observing lessons. Constant getting up and down is distracting for riders.
    • No talking on cell phones in the arenas. Those needing to talk or answer phones may do so outside of the arena.
    • Parents who have instructor questions may ask them at the beginning and end of their rider’s lesson. While we want our students to improve, we focus on improving one thing at a time. As an observer, if you see the student not performing at their peak, please allow the instructor to decide if it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Interruptions only impede the students ability to learn.
    • Please pick up after yourself and your children. (trash, clothes, horse tack, etc.)
    • All guests must sign a liability form.
    • No dogs or other animals on property. We have plenty thanks! (Don’t leave them in the car. They're more comfortable at home.)
    • Absolutely NO smoking on the property.

Liability Release and Policy Statement Forms:

All persons that will be in direct contact with a horse on the property must fill out a liability release form (available on the left side of this page or at the barn). If rider is under 18 years old a parent or legal guardian must fill this form out. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Cancellation Policy:

Our Lesson Cancellation Policy is 24 hours. Please call at least 24 hours before a lesson to cancel. If you do not call to cancel you will be expected to pay for the lesson. Continual absences, rescheduling, no shows, or no cancellation calls will result in the loss of your lesson spot.

Weather Policy:

Lessons are canceled when the temperatures is greater than 95 degrees or below 10 degrees. Cancellation for any other weather issues will be made on an individual basis.

Lesson Policy:

Riders and family should arrive on time and with proper attire. 

Students are expected to attend their scheduled lessons regularly. Multiple absences may result in the loss of your time slot. We do our best to keep lessons running on time. All lessons will run till the end of their scheduled time, late classes will affect the amount of time in your lesson.

  • All lessons are purchased in advance before you ride.
  • All lessons are to be scheduled in advance.
  • Payment must be made directly to your instructor.
  • Parents, do not drop students off without payment.
  • Lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance or no make-up lesson will be issued. Make-up lessons are based on availability and are not guaranteed.
  • Make-up lessons are available for students following cancellation policies.

In Case of Emergency:

Should a student fall, please remain quiet and seated. Screaming or running out into the ring may cause other horses to get upset. The instructor will direct the class along with other barn help and if needed will call you into the ring, at which time you should walk quietly out to the student. As long as the student is not injured, it is our policy to get them right back on the horse.