Kaizen Horse Training and Lessons

Life is better in a barn.

Kaizen's Barn and Lesson Policy 

As professional horsemen our top priority is the safety and progress of riders and horses. Our policies are in place to assure safety, focus, progress, discipline and an enjoyable experience at Kaizen.

Dress Code:

  • All students must wear jeans or long riding pants (no capris, no yoga pants).
  • Helmets must be worn by minors any time they are riding a horse. They are available to borrow from Kaizen for your first lesson, you are required to purchase your own prior to your second lesson.
  • Only shoes that enclose the foot are permitted inside the barn or arena. Leather boots with a heel are required for riders prior to their first lesson.
  • Shirts should be properly fitted and capable of being tucked in. No spaghetti strap tank tops or revealing clothing, this includes friends and family.
  • Tack, clothing, and boots should be clean upon arrival.
  • Long hair is required to be pulled back in a pony tail or braided.
  • No dangling jewelry or gum chewing.

General Barn Rules:

  • Staff only allowed in the pasture or stalls until curriculum requirements are met.
  • Riders are expected to assist with keeping the stables clean, organized and safe by always picking up after themselves and their horses.
  • Riders are expected to exhibit general good manners, be polite, courteous and helpful to everyone. We will not tolerate gossip, drama or other ill behavior.
  • Do not use equipment without asking. If you borrow equipment, please return it when you’re done using it.
  • Absolutely no yelling, running or boisterous behavior in or around the barn.
  • Gates and doors must always be closed behind you, do not stand in doorways to talk.

Parents and adult students:

  • Please do not park in front of gate or doors.
  • Non-lesson children must be supervised by parents at all times.
  • Do not climb fences or let children climb fences.
  • Please remain seated while observing lessons. Constant getting up and down is distracting for riders.
  • No talking on cell phones in the arenas. Those needing to talk or answer phones may do so outside of the arena.
  • Please pick up after yourself and your children. (trash, clothes, horse tack, etc.)
  • Parents who have instructor questions may ask them at the beginning and end of their rider’s lesson. We want our students to improve so we focus on improving one thing at a time. As an observer, if you see the student not performing at their peak, please allow the instructor to decide if it is anissue that needs to be addressed. Interruptions only impede the students ability to learn.
  • All guests interacting with horses must sign a liability form.
  • No dogs or other animals on the property. We have plenty thanks! (Don’t leave them in the car. They’re more comfortable at home.)
  • Absolutely NO smoking on the property.

In Case of A Fall:

  • Please do not run into the ring. Running and yelling can upset an already upset horse and rider. The instructor will organize the group and attend to the fallen rider. If needed, the instructor will then call you into the ring and which point you may walk out into the arena. As long as the student is not seriously injured, it is our practice to put them back on their horse, even if they only walk the rest of the lesson.


  • Students must speak up during their lessons and communicate with their instructor.
  • If you put your horse in their stall, and there is hay or grain in the stall, please clip the horse to its wall tie.
  • School horses are to be mounted from the mounting block.
  • Horses may have a treat after your lesson.


  • We invoice customers via email through our QuickBooks account. If you do not wish to pay online, we also accept cash or checks. All scheduled lesson must be paid. A failure to pay will prevent further instruction. Cancelations, within our cancelation policy, may have a makeup lesson scheduled within the month of the cancellation.

Arriving & Departing Expectations:

  • Students should plan on arriving 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled lesson time once the instructor has approved them to tack a horse on their own. This is an earn privilege, based on proving proficiency. Riders may also be required to stay after their lesson to put away their horse and clean up.
  • Please do not drop off children under 14 years old without permission from the instructor.
  • LATENESS: The horses require enough time to be groomed, tacked up and warmed up properly. Riders who don’t get to the barn with enough time to groom, will not be rushed through the process, just to “ride”. If the student get to their lesson late (late is when the rider is not at the barn when scheduled), the lesson may be come a ground or classroom lesson and students are still responsible for the cost of the lesson. Riders who rush through grooming and tacking or do it improperly because of poor time management, will be directed back to the barn aisle to groom and tack up correctly. Rushing compromises the safety of the horse and rider!
  • If you are on your way and running late, or thing you may run late to your lesson that day, contact your instructor so they can have your horse ready for you (if the help is available) and keep everything on time. We take time to plan each lesson and respect our clients times, we only ask the same in return.

Attendance Policy:

  • Students will schedule a minimum of 2 lessons per month.
  • Students are expected to attend ALL scheduled lessons
  • Students not meeting the attendance policy or those who continually show up late to lessons and lack interest will be removed from the lesson schedule and notified by email or by phone.
  • If you have a question or concern about the attendance policy please speak with Chelsea.

Show Team Attendance Policy:

In order to ensure riders are learning in a consistent environment we require the following attendance for show team riders: 

  • Each student is scheduled for MIN. of 4 lessons a month.
  • Travel show team riders are a MIN. of 7 lessons a month.
  • Each student must ATTEND a MIN. of 3 lessons a month to stay in the lesson program.
  • If a student needs to cancel a lesson for any reason (see cancelation policy below), they should request a make-up.
  • If canceling a lesson (whether by the student or instructor) takes a student to less then 3 lessons that month the student will be offered make up lesson(s) to meet their 3 lesson a month min.

Cancelation Policy:

  • We have a busy lesson program & we value our client’s time. We ask for the same consideration from our clients in return.
  • We require 36 hour notice for all "non" emergencies (we can't find some one to drive rider, had to stay late at work, rider has been sick all week and can't come to lessons etc...) failure to cancel more than 36 hours in advance will result in a lesson charge.
  • If you have a last min. emergency (child comes home sick from school on their lesson day, death in the immediate family etc...) we understand and would ask that you text, call or email us as soon as possible to not be charged for your lesson.
  • Consistent cancellations for any reason may result in removal from or limiting access to the lesson program in accordance with our attendance policy. 

Weather Policy:

Extreme temperatures are a challenge in our industry, many use horses as a form of escape, meditation, or exercise. As such, we attempt to continue teaching even when it is very cold or hot. Due to concerns for our clients and horses health, lessons planned on these days may become purely classroom or groundwork. These lessons are a GREAT opportunity for us to cover information that we cant on horseback, making our nicest days of the year able to be maximized on ride time. Please understand we hold the information covered during these lessons to be just as (if not more) important to a students development, as being on a horses back. However, extreme weather may be cause for rescheduling, your instructor will let you know as lessons need to be rescheduled.

Cause for no lessons:

  • Ice/Winter storm makes roads dangerous
  • Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado warning
  • If sever weather is expected and you are in doubt about lessons please text or call 734-385-7433.

**If lessons are canceled we will contact you immediately. Kaizen will make every effort possible to schedule make-ups.**

Kaizen is all about continuous improvement, and we don’t just mean with our riders and horses. Our goal with our younger students, is to help be part of the team that shapes them into committed and productive members of society. As such, we at Kaizen offer incentive to get out into the community and help others; for each 10 hours of recordable community service, you will earn one free mentored session. These sessions will be designed to be extra fun, so they won’t count for your lesson, but will give you an experience to look forward to!