Kaizen Horse Training and Lessons

Life is better in a barn.

Training at Kaizen is about continuous improvement. While many trainers will offer a 30-90 day program to "break" your horse, we believe this sort of training simply does not work. Our structured program is specifically designed to make lasting and meaningful improvements, mitigate fear in our horses, and meet their maximum potential. 

We believe in training horses to carry themselves in a natural way, without skipping important milestones while doing so. This provides a horse that is confident in carrying its rider, is safe for riders of all levels, and minimizes the need for extra care of the horse.

We love to talk to our clients about our method, so we can answer any questions you may have before we start. Contact us for prices and policies concerning horse training.


Chelsea is very knowledgeable and patient. I wish I would have found her sooner! She is so kind and explains things very clear. You can tell Chelsea loves her horses and what she does! I would recommend her to anyone!

~Moriah K.